In this occasion we will tell you how the restaurant’s succulent Pastrami Sandwich was created. There are few words that simply by listening to them are capable of transporting you to a different time and space. For Mr. Shmokey, hearing the word “Pastrami” takes him directly to New York, where the famous Jewish Delis are located. In these places, you can find a pastrami with an unbeatable flavor, as well as a reddish color meat that is absolutely spectacular. It took a long time for Mr. Shmokey to perfect the art of smoking a brisket when he started cooking. He had to make notes on how long it should be smoked, what flavor it got, and the exact amount to get a unique flavor.

When he finally managed to get the brisket flavor consistently, he decided to start creating his own pastrami recipe. However, Mr. Shmokey says that there is a tedious step which consists of putting the meat in a brine and having to wait 7 days before the meat is ready and can be removed to be able to add its respective species that the pastrami needs to be able to smoke.

This meant that each time he made an attempt to create his own recipe, he had to wait 8 days before he could test the final product. It finally took him exactly 12 weeks to come up with the recipe that you can currently eat at the restaurant.

Having gotten the right flavor and consistency, he went on to make the best sandwich, using the Reuben sandwich as a reference. Mr. Shmokey made small modifications and variations to make it unique and spectacular.

Tulum – Pastrami Sandwich

To prepare the pastrami sandwich, he uses artisan sourdough rye bread, old-style grain Dijon mustard, special mayonnaise made with spices, gouda cheese, 120gr of homemade pastrami, homemade sour cabbage with grandma’s recipe. and lastly horseradish sauce. These ingredients make the Pastrami Sandwich a true spectacle of flavors and textures in each bite that is given.