Smoked brisket in Tulum. The acclaimed and famous Brisket consists of the union of 2 muscles of beef cattle that when reaching the correct temperature and doing a specific cooking process, the fat in the meat explodes. This makes the fibers break which makes the center of the meat soft. However, not many people manage to do this cooking process perfectly.

Mr. Shmokey comments that it took him many, many briskets to perfect his technique and obtain the texture and flavor that you can enjoy today in the restaurant. To prepare this dish, Mr. Shmokey chooses only imported Briskets of the highest quality. This is because unfortunately, in Mexico at the moment he has not found beef breasts with the softness and size that he requires to have a product with restaurant standards.

Smoked brisket in Tulum

To prepare this delicacy, Mr. Shmokey first cleans the brisket, adds ground special seasoning made in the restaurant and places it in the pure wood smoker with a temperature of 250F ° for the necessary time until it reaches the desired temperature. Then, the brisket is wrapped to speed up its process and when it reaches the exact temperature it is extracted and left to rest.

Despite sounding simple, it’s very important to know how and when to do each step.

The restaurant’s famous smoked brisket in Tulum recipe began when Mr. Shmokey prepared his first Briskets following the recipe taught by his maternal grandmother, in which he needed to bake the brisket overnight at a low temperature so that it would be ready next morning. When he woke up and checked the oven, he was accompanied by his 3 anxious dogs at the foot of the oven because of the spectacular aroma that had invaded his home.

Over the years, he acquired his first smoker and left the oven in the 20th century. This is because cooking with smoke adds a special flavor that cannot be beaten with a gas or an electric oven.

Sometimes tourists come to the restaurant to ask what kind of firewood is used in the restaurant and the answer is simple, local Havin wood. This wood is used because it smells good and burns well. For no reason is imported firewood used. Although the smell of a Walnut or Cherry tree wood is spectacular, Mr. Shmokey considers that cooking with that type of firewood in Tulum would be ridiculous.

Nowadays, the Brisket eaten at Mr. Shmokey has a spectacular flavor and superb smoothness. Making it a product worthy of showing off and being proud of it. Such is the case, that many from Texas (a US state famous for its smokehouses and BBQ Joints) who have tried it, have said that it surpasses many of the acclaimed and famous restaurants in their state. To this, Mr Shmokey comments: “What we do, we do it because we like to do it and we do it with love.”