Sloppy Joe is a hamburger served at Mr. Shmokey from Shredded sirloin beef cooked in Mr. Shmokey’s special BBQ recipe (spicy or regular), topped with american cheese, grilled onion and special mayo.

The idea of opening this restaurant came after a very close friend of Mr. Shmokey insisted him on opening a place where he could enjoy his hamburger.

However, it is not a traditional Sloppy Joe, this recipe is a memory of Mr. Smokey’s childhood, going back to when he took family trips and his mother would gave them this burger made with her unique recipe in the afternoon after having fun in the pool.

Growing up, Mr. Shmokey had a vague idea of how this delicacy was prepared and as a good adventurer, one day he set out to cook this dish. Time passed and after meetings with family and friends, his recipe began to take shape and flavor, until the recipe that you can enjoy today in the restaurant was created.

Mr. Shmokey exists thanks to Sloppy Joe.

With a recipe acclaimed by family, friends and acquaintances, the only thing missing was a place to make his dream come true. Mr. Shmokey thought of a place where his guests could freely eat this delicacy and more recipes from his childhood and family, to which he later decided that Tulum would be his new home after he fell in love with their bohemian lifestyle.

Today there is a record of eating Sloppy Joes at Mr. Shmokey, which was set by a woman from Chicago who ate a total of 10 hamburgers. Since then, no one has managed to surpass or even reach this record. It has been tried on many occasions; however, to this day they have not been able to overcome it. Mr. Shmokey comments that only time will tell if there is someone capable of breaking this mark.

As that day comes, every day people continue to enjoy the love of family and friends that they gave Mr. Shmokey with his Sloppy Joes.