Dreams do Shmoke true!





Barbecue Tulum is our game!

BBQ Tulum – At Mr. Shmokey you can give yourself an escape from ordinary flavors and enjoy a selection of unique smoked dishes, accompanied by the spectacular surroundings that Tulum offers. Visit us and pamper yourself with an atmosphere and flavor far from your everyday life.

In our menu you can find a wide variety of dishes, so you can be sure that you will find the ideal one for your palate.

Mr. Shmokey offers dishes made with fine ingredients, there for our barbecue is smoked every day so that you always get the best flavor from the smoke. Which in addition to satisfying you, also fills your soul.

In the beginning, Mr. Shmokey spent a large part of his time cooking or in front of the barbecue. Also, thanks to the support of his friends and family who always encouraged him to take his love of cooking to the next level, he has managed to achieve the unparalleled flavors he offers today.

However, it was not until his friends Pepe and Mauricio encouraged him to offer his grilled dishes to the general public. Because of this, Tulum became the home of his vocation and where his dream of making people fall in love with his recepies came true.

Mr. Shomkey’s restaurant first opened its doors on December 18, 2020 with the intention of offering a place where his guests could freely eat his delicious enhanced recipes from his childhood and family.


Due to the great acceptance of its diners, a second location was opened in the center of the city. Which is already conquering the palates of those searching for the unique barbecue and smoked meats experience located in the tropical paradise that is Tulum.

We invite you to join us and taste the love and attention to detail that is put in every bite we serve.